ACLE Services Operation packages capture data and provide analysis to supervise and report on your system’s health. Working alongside you and your preferred maintenance providers, ACLE provide high level support to maximise system yield.

Health Safety Environment

ACLE Services work with you to identify, reduce and manage the risks associated with your renewable energy system. We know that every plant has its own unique hazards, that’s why we provide a comprehensive range of HSE services, such as; Risk registers, Competency verification, WHSE planning and record control.

Plant Supervision

From ACLE’s control centre, a technician remotely monitors your PV system to ensure its correct operation. Drawing data from multiple sources, such as historical, meteorological, local sensors or other nearby systems within our fleet, we notify you if a critical failure or expected performance deviation occurs.


ACLE Services provide multiple reporting services, from basic periodic yield reports to detailed system analysis.

Predictive maintenance

To best protect your investment, ACLE Services utilise plant supervision tools, manufacturer knowledge, and industry experience to identify potential points of system failure. Knowing that early intervention is best way to protect yield, ACLE utilises these insights to structure cost effective maintenance plans for your renewable energy plant

Record Control

Documentation is critical for in-depth understanding of your system design and technical specification. ACLE Services provide record and document management services to track system changes and ensure all contractual obligations are met.

Utilising our software platform, all relevant documents and images are stored securely on remote servers, ensuring they’re available when needed.

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    Renewable Energy Operations and Management

    Our team of technical experts and qualified service personnel manage all aspects of your plant, from pre-installation consultation through to scheduled and reactive maintenance tasks.