Technical Asset Management

Plant Operation

By adding services to our Operations platform, ACLE Services deliver end-to-end asset management and O&M services for your renewable energy plant. Working with your requirements, our tailored service agreements maximise your return on investment.

Periodic and reactive maintenance services are dispatched, tracked and logged from our control centre via our proprietary software platform. We also offer integration services for your management systems to streamline ad-hoc service requests and purchase tracking requirements.

Failure Response

ACLE Services gets you back online, fast. Our TAM packages are designed to maximise system uptime, but force majeure, electronic failures or other uncontrollable events may occur. ACLE provide notification and automatic response with in predefined time frames. Depending on your required service level, a technician could be on site within 4 hours.

Spare Parts Management

For large plant and fleet owners, ACLE Services offer localised inventory control to ensure the rights parts are available for rapid repair. This is especially important for remote systems, or where manufacturer warranty processes are slow.

For small to medium sized customers, we offer a spare parts pool service. Where multiple clients share the same technology, the costs can be shared. This helps get your asset back on line much sooner than waiting on a OEM parts provider.

Availability Guarantee

ACLE Services standby their service to ensure your plant stays online, delivering clean energy. The key strength of our technical asset management agreement is the complete integration of Operations, Failure Response and Spare Parts management.

With detailed plant supervision and data analysis, supported by a comprehensive software platform managing all assets, records, maintenance and technicians, ACLE Services offer system availability guarantees up to 99.8%

Management Services

ACLE Services utilize in house expertise and test services to provide warranty management services, not limited to items such as; Good Execution of Works, Equipment and Performance warranties to ensure your plant performs as expected.

Additionally ACLE offer contract management services from pre-construction to post construction and 3rd party integration.

Owner Representation

We provide owner representation services to regulators, local authorities, off-takers and investors. Utilizing or management practices and record controls, we hold detailed knowledge of your plants design and operation.

Fleet Management

Many of our client’s assets are installed across multiple locations. ACLE Services  make it easy by providing one point of contact for all O&M requirements. As system types and sizes require varying levels of service, we can tailor our service level per site, under one agreement to suit you.   4

Dedicated Technical Asset Manager

Incorporating ACLE’s dedicated Technical Asset Manager to your service agreement ensures optimal performance and profitability from your PV plant. Layering technical skills with asset management ensures you receive the customer service that you expect.

Your Technical Asset Manager serves as the interface between all stakeholders, in-charge of administrating your PV plant, O&M, warranty management and reporting, ensuring hassle free operation. With a single point of contact, you will enjoy quick access to information and service across your fleet

Additional Services

ACLE Services can take care of everything to do with your renewable energy asset, works such as road repair, drainage, building maintenance or pest control can be added to your service agreement. Additionally, ACLE provide consulting and project management for expansion and sale activities.

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